Breastfeeding Classes

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“My husband and I really enjoyed your class! It was super informative without being overwhelming….I feel prepared and excited to breastfeed and I know the class will help me feel confident as a new mom. My husband said it gave him a good idea of what to expect with a newborn and made him excited about what’s to come! Overall, it was VERY helpful and enjoyable!” – Crystal C.

Calling all parents-to-be! A new prenatal preparation class focused entirely on the art of breastfeeding.

This course is for:

  • anyone planning to breastfeed
  • new parents who wonder what to expect with breastfeeding
  • parents of second (or third, or fourth…) children who want to be more prepared for their breastfeeding journey this time around
  • support people who wish to be armed with good information to support the breastfeeding families around them (grandparents, siblings, friends, doulas, etc.)

As an experienced breastfeeding peer supporter and now, a Breastfeeding Counselor* I know the value of receiving good breastfeeding information and support early-on. Being prepared for the normal course of breastfeeding in the early days makes it so much easier to meet your own breastfeeding goals.

Topics Covered:

  • setting expectations
  • how breastfeeding works (supply & demand, getting a good latch, positioning baby, etc.)
  • birth choices and breastfeeding
  • getting off to a good start in the hospital
  • normal newborn behavior (what to expect from baby)
  • safe sleep and breastfeeding
  • early attachment
  • possible hurdles
  • setting up a support system
  • breastfeeding & fertility
  • weaning
  • and more!

Contact Me

Find upcoming sessions here and call 765-1136 or email to register. Non-refundable, 50% deposit due upon registration. 

I just wanted to check in to say thank you so much for offering your classes to moms new and old alike. And to offer it in your home makes it so much more comfortable and less intimidating. I am really looking forward to what lies ahead and can’t wait for my new little man to arrive. Thanks again for sharing your support and knowledge.
-Melanie F.
(previous breast reduction patient who went
on to successfully breastfeed her baby!)

*certification pending client contact hours

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