300 Hour Teacher Training: a chat with Robin Golt

Yesterday a group of interested yogis sat down in my living room to chat with Robin Golt (via Skype) about the particulars of The Deepening Journey. Over tea and good company we explored what a typical training day will look like, what books we will study and what the intention of the program is. Here are a few notes that stood out to me:

  • 7-day intensives are just that – intensive! The goal is to leave each gathering feeling nourished rather than exhausted 
  • We will achieve the above by practicing both active and restorative asana along with pranayama and meditation
  • There will be time for contemplative walks and time in nature (our training space is just steps from the East Coast Trail and from the Petty Harbour waterfront)
  • Our small group format will enable deep connection and in-depth, individualized discussions
  • In Part 1 of the program the focus will be on our own practice and study. Part 2 will delve more deeply into teaching topics
  • Part 1 will address alignment principles for asana practice and the deep wisdom teachings of the yoga tradition
  • Part 2 will invite each teacher to develop their own teaching as is suitable for the groups of students they already teach. For example, if you primarily teach to groups of seniors you will be able to refine your offerings for that group. If you primarily teach to a younger audience using a more dynamic asana practice you will be able to refine that style of teaching. The program is suitable for teachers with many varied backgrounds. 

After our Skype call I discussed my experience with Robin’s teaching. I would be happy to do the same with you! Let’s chat via email or set up a phone call to discuss. Contact me at meaghanburridge@gmail.com. I also told the group about our intention to open up two of each seven day intensive to the public for mixed-level workshops. This will create many learning opportunities for us as we experience Robin’s teaching in the context of a public event. 

Another option for getting to know Robin is to register for her online program The Roots of Yoga Part I. If you decide to register for the 300 hour TT before the early bird deadline the cost of ROY will be deducted from your registration fee. 

Finally, we took a trip over to the Carton Loft where our training will take place.  A panoramic view of Petty Harbour, windows that open to let the fresh air in and a wide open practice space make the Carton Loft the perfect place to spend 7 days in the depths of yogic study and practice. 

Very soon I will be sending out some updated details to all who have expressed their interest in the program. If you would like to learn more please send me an email: meaghanburridge@gmail.com  


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