Graduate Series: Neurogenic Yoga

Graduates of our 2012 YTT-NL program Carolyn Hapgood and Helena Butler have gone on to make a big impact in the local wellness community. Since graduating with their 200 hour certification Carolyn and Helena have gone on to become Registered Yoga Therapists (a 200 hour certification is a pre-requisite for this training) and Internationally Certified Neurogenic Yoga™ Teachers. In fact, they are the only two Neurogenic Yoga Teachers certified in Canada!

From Carolyn’s website:

Neurogenic Yoga™ combines postures, breathing and a natural shaking/tremoring response of the body to relieve stress, tension and trauma.

Neurogenic Yoga™ is especially suitable for treating chronic pain, daily stress & pent up tension, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Parkinson’s Disease, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, to name a few. It may be suitable for almost anyone with the exception of pregnant women.

Some of the many BENEFITS of Neurogenic Yoga™:

  • A safe and natural way to release chronic pain and tension
  • Experience positive changes in your sleep patterns
  • Change deep seated habits
  • A sense of feeling more relaxed and less impacted by stressors
  • Bring homeostasis to your body
  • *****Designed to eventually be done without the aid of a teacher and can therefore cut down on health-care expenses

Learn more about Yoga Therapy and Neurogenic Yoga by reaching out to these experienced teachers. Carolyn’s website can be found here and you can connect with Helena here.

Helena and Carolyn

Carolyn (front row, center left) and Helena (back row, far left) with their Neurogenic Yoga graduating class

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