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Graduate Series: Yoga in Carbonear

When Angie Green joined us for the Class of 2013 there was absolutely nobody teaching yoga in her hometown Carbonear. She commuted to St. John’s for our weekend intensives, fully commited to her goal of bringing yoga to her community.

Discussing what she’s been up to since graduation Angie had this to say:

I have been teaching several classes per week ever since, along with a few private classes. Since then a couple of others have started teaching this way as well. We are slowly getting a yoga community here and it’s great. I can honestly without hesitation say that doing the yoga teacher training was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only to be able to teach but for the insights and wisdoms of yoga I had never heard before. These teachings have truly changed my life. I’m so happy to have learned so much and to be able to pass some fraction of this to other people.

Angie can be found teaching at the Ocean View Art Gallery in Carbonear. Connect with them on Facebook!

Angie Green

Angie’s teaching space at Ocean View Art Gallery

Graduate Series: Neurogenic Yoga

Graduates of our 2012 YTT-NL program Carolyn Hapgood and Helena Butler have gone on to make a big impact in the local wellness community. Since graduating with their 200 hour certification Carolyn and Helena have gone on to become Registered Yoga Therapists (a 200 hour certification is a pre-requisite for this training) and Internationally Certified Neurogenic Yoga™ Teachers. In fact, they are the only two Neurogenic Yoga Teachers certified in Canada!

From Carolyn’s website:

Neurogenic Yoga™ combines postures, breathing and a natural shaking/tremoring response of the body to relieve stress, tension and trauma.

Neurogenic Yoga™ is especially suitable for treating chronic pain, daily stress & pent up tension, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Parkinson’s Disease, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, to name a few. It may be suitable for almost anyone with the exception of pregnant women.

Some of the many BENEFITS of Neurogenic Yoga™:

  • A safe and natural way to release chronic pain and tension
  • Experience positive changes in your sleep patterns
  • Change deep seated habits
  • A sense of feeling more relaxed and less impacted by stressors
  • Bring homeostasis to your body
  • *****Designed to eventually be done without the aid of a teacher and can therefore cut down on health-care expenses

Learn more about Yoga Therapy and Neurogenic Yoga by reaching out to these experienced teachers. Carolyn’s website can be found here and you can connect with Helena here.

Helena and Carolyn

Carolyn (front row, center left) and Helena (back row, far left) with their Neurogenic Yoga graduating class

Graduate series: how our students are putting their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate to use

Recent graduate of Yoga Teacher Training Newfoundland & Labrador Megan Morgan explains how she’s using her experience and education to bring yoga to her community:


Megan practicing on beautiful Fogo Island

“A 200 hr YTT offers a wealth of opportunities once you are finished!! Find what is authentic to you, and make your own path.


I decided to go the route of an independent yoga teacher and started with building a Gentle Yoga class, a class which felt authentic to me, a slower paced class that allows beginners to feel safe and advanced practitioners a class to slow down in.  It takes time to build up your client list, but you will find the right students.  I am still teaching this class at the Steffen Dance Studio at 673 Topsail Rd, Thursday nights 8:30-9:30 pm.


After completing my 200 hr training I also opted to take Meaghan’s Chair Yoga Teacher training which was amazing and wonderful.  I added a morning chair class (Friday 10-11am) to my schedule and later added an evening chair class (Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm) knowing that not all people who want chair yoga are retired!!  I am focusing a lot of my efforts on chair yoga currently as I feel there are so many people that could benefit from it, but they are just not aware that it exists.  This year I have been involved with two events with the Canadian Diabetes Association, most recently in November 2015 where I taught a short class to about 50 people!  I reached out to the MS Society and met with them to discuss chair yoga and gave a free class.  I plan to reach out to the Arthritis Society and Heart and Stroke as well.  My Chair classes are held at the Steffen Dance Studio as well.


I also teach corporate classes with Definitions and the Department of National Defence.  I travel to different offices and provide lunch (or afternoon) yoga classes.  This is a fun additional to my schedule and offers a stable income.


I currently teach 10 classes a week which certainly keeps me busy, but each day I wake up happy and excited to teach.  The most important thing has been keeping up with my own practice (which I struggle with from time to time) and additional training to specialize in the type of teaching I want to do.  In addition to Chair Yoga training, I completed a 40 hr Restorative teacher training with Andrea Peloso and a 10 hr Alignment Based Therapeutic training with Barrie Risman.
You can find me on Facebook at “Megan Morgan Yoga,” online at or email


Thank you Megan for sharing your experience with us!

If you’d like to become a yoga teacher read more about our Yoga Alliance registered program here. Or, like us on Facebook for regular updates.

Trust and Family and Yoga

While my two babies sleep soundly I sit at the computer making plans. Plans for teaching and growing in my profession. Plans for re-committing to my asana practice. I am excited to re-immerse myself in the world of yoga after a pregnancy-induced hiatus and yet, I have to remind myself that my baby is young and that I have my whole life ahead of me to sit on my mat.

During this time I stumbled upon this blog I wrote more than a year ago for Shri Yoga’s Collective Voices series. It’s a post about trust and family and yoga. I quite enjoyed re-reading it tonight. It seemed very timely for me. Perhaps it will be for you too.

An excerpt: I trusted that my heart knew what it needed. It was calling loudly. It was telling me it needed to be near my baby, it needed to be at home and it needed to take on this new title: Mother, in absolute full force. Not that I couldn’t do it all but that I didn’t want to. What I wanted was to immerse myself fully in the experience of mothering. I wanted to put my yoga into action and see it flower as patience, lovingkindness, nurturance and support – all directed at this tiny being that I had had some hand in creating. I needed to narrow the scope of my work so that it could grow in depth. Continue reading