Welcome! Welcome to my blog, welcome to a space of jointly learning, sharing and engaging. I’m writing this blog as an outlet for the creative and intellectual juices that still flow through my university educated and business trained mind despite my work these days being more of the heart centered, family oriented variety. You see, I’ve made the decision to stay home with my 18 month old daughter rather than continue my work as an entrepreneur and small business owner. Interestingly enough the decision to stay home came in the same way the decision to open my business came to me 4 years ago. Then I was immensely passionate about something that I thought nobody else could do in the way that I could. Now I feel exactly the same way about raising my daughter.

When I became pregnant I told my business partner that I’d be happily back to work three months postpartum without missing a beat. She, an experienced mom, smiled and nodded. I could tell she didn’t believe me. “No really, nothing will change. I’ll be so excited to get back to my first baby, the business”. Ok she nodded with a slight grin.

The parents reading this will know exactly how the rest of the story unfolds. Baby arrives, parents fall madly in love and decide that there’s nothing in their world that can even touch the importance of this little being. Life things change to accommodate the tiny star who is now the absolute center of the universe.

Since having a baby some of my old passions have taken a backseat to my new passions. These new passions include: birth, breastfeeding, natural parenting, whole foods for families, evolutionary, gentle and/or attachment parenting, free range parenting, baby wearing & co sleeping. Some interests that have been with me for a long time have suddenly been elevated in importance: simple living, mindful living, local foods and sustainability, cross cultural engagement and awareness, travel, environmentalism & “green” products.

The underlying thread that connects my interest in all of the above is the philosophy of yoga, which I have been integrating into my life for over a decade. Yoga has taught me how to make space in my life for the things that really and truly matter. It has taught me to listen to my heart, follow my intuition and to live fully. I feel quite certain that if it weren’t for my long standing yoga practice, I would not be giving myself permission to stay-at-home.

I don’t have one particular goal for this blog but I’m sure many will reveal themselves as I write and share. As they say at my local La Leche League meeting, some of what you read here will appeal to you, some of it won’t. Take what works for you and your family and just peacefully leave the rest. I offer this blog up as a space to learn, engage and share and I hope you’ll join me in that journey.

1 thought on “Welcome

  1. Maggie

    Meaghan, I’m so excited for you! Looking forward to reading your future posts. You have a beautiful way with words and so many wonderful things to teach/write about!


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